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It must be hard to keep coming up with new ways to scam the public and drive people away from the cities they operate in.

American Traffic Solutions of Scottsdale, AZ  just found another one, so congrats are in order.

Welcome to AZ where due process need not apply! Did you rent a car and get flashed by an error-prone scamera? Don’t worry, ATS will just automatically charge your card. You know, the same one you had to supply in order to rent the car in the first place. Let’s hope you still have upwards of $200 left on that limit!

In a story on a valley TV station’s website, they detail how ATS is now working with rental car companies to further gouge tourists, after they’ve gotten back from their trip. What a nice way to say, “Ya’ll come back now ya hear!”

From the Fox 10 story:

When you sign that rental contract, it allows some of the top rental car agencies to share your credit card information with American Traffic Solutions, the country’s largest operator of red light and photo radar cameras.

So if you commit a traffic violation behind the wheel of a rental car, ATS will bill your credit card directly for the ticket, including an administrative fee.

Motorists say it’s wrong, because ATS is assuming you’re guilty, without giving you a chance to dispute the citation.

It’s a good thing tourism isn’t a very big part of Arizona’s economy.

Not everybody who comes here and rents a car has enough to cover this fine on their limit. ATS should be forced to cover all the over limit fees and corresponding late fees from the tourists they soak.

Governor Brewer, are you ready to live up to your words and put this to a vote?

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