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has been working since January 31, 2019. According to the site, the company’s team trading on the cryptocurrency markets. They don’t explain how to take profits and avoid unsuccessful deals. Big Bitcoin Bank only offers to increase investors’ capital in a passive way. HYIP Review Big Bitcoin Bank [0-2 Daily For 30-80 days + % R. C.]

HYIP Portfolios

Admin created fresh plans, which caused controversy in the community:

  • LIGHT — 0.02–1% for 30 days, from $66 or 0.0066 BTC;
  • STANDART — 0.02–1.2% for 40 days, from $198 or 0.0198 BTC;
  • PREMIUM — 0.02–1.4% for 50 days, from $594 or 0.0594 BTC;
  • LUX — 0.02–1.6% for 30 days, from $1782 or 0.1782 BTC;
  • EXCLUSIVE — 0.02–1% for 30 days, from $5346 or 0.5346 BTC;
  • VIP — 0.02–1% for 30 days, from $16038 or 1.6038 BTC.

Deposits are classic, guaranteed income from 16% to 50% per month depending on the selected deposit. They have a convenient additional function: the investor can merge deposits. Three identical small deposits in one big. This allows to increase profits. For example: investor choose three Premium deposits with a cost of $594 and combine them into one LUX deposit worth $1,782 ($594 + $594 + $594 = $1782). Combining several smaller deposits into one larger will allow the investor to increase his daily profit by 0.2%.
The money goes to the internal balance every calendar day. At the same time, the investor cannot withdraw 20% of all dividends but only reinvest. Minimal amount to withdraw is $3 or 0.0003 BTC. Principal back at the end of the term. Project support processes requests for withdrawal from 1 to 3 business days.


Users can share information about this project and get rewards for every deposit by their referral links. The reward consists of 3 parts: referral bonus 3-10% + agent bonus 3-10% + turnover bonus 0.01-100 BTC including Porsche Panamera and villa. Site contains promotional materials: professional banners of popular sizes, professional presentation and other pictures for easy site promotion.

Payment Systems

Users can make investments via Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer.

Technical Part

The website works on a unique script. Design of Big Bitcoin Bank is absolutely unique too. The website already translated into 4 languages: English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish. HYIP based on Voxility with Name-Services DDoS-protection servers, dedicated IP. The domain name was registered with eNom up to November 14, 2019 (only for 1 year). Investors can find the project on 5 monitors, 9 forums, 3 blogs.

provides many interesting solutions. The program is unique in that it consists of elements of an economic game, casino, MMM. In any case, it is interesting to observe the development of this project. Their team regularly improves the site and add new features.

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