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Why promoting on Hyip Monitor X

Dedicated to HYIP Programs, Hyip Monitor X is a new generation of Hyip Listing website. Every ads will post on social network accounts and we get more than 20,000 visitors each month. Promoting on Hyip Monitor X is very easy. You can buy banners, or posting you article.

First of all, fill your choosen form below. After submit your content, you will be redirect on the payment details page.

Home Page Banners


The large banner size is : 1050 to 150 pixels. Pricing : $150 | 0.2 BTC per week
Square banner size is : 200 to 200 pixels. Pricing : $50 | 0.07 BTC per week

These banners are presents in every pages of the website and in every programs. The most powerfull feature to promote your programs and links.

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Just an article ad

You can send us your program as an article and get a dedicated page for.
For the article, please fill the form below. Pricing : $15 | 0.02 BTC

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